Under The Collar Experiment

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rock Star in A Collar

The church I serve just hosted an Engagement Party of LGBTQ couples in our state to 
announce their intention to wed, Date TDB (when it is legal).  Twenty Seven local clergy 
and a packed house of supporters attended the press conference and panel discussion.  
Thirty-one couples announced their engagement and were blessed.  And then during the dance party that followed, I debuted my new song "Dear Oklahoma" with Jared Tyler.  It is a love letter to my home.

Here are the lyrics to that song.  You can listen to that performance with Jared Tyler here.
(I am hoping to have a cd out in the Spring)

Dear Oklahoma

Got your red dirt in my veins  
Love the wind sweepin these plains
Sleep soundly to the music of your rain
See, My honey lamb and I
We believe you’re more than “fine”
But I need to ask you why
dear Oklahoma

Dear Oklahoma
You made me who I am  
I am your daughter
help me understand
pray beneath the same blue skies
Watched tornados pass us by
can't you love me
If I love her  
dear Oklahoma

Met her 18 years ago
When we were teaching school
Lead by example and taught the golden rule
Still we’re told we don’t belong
And that how we love is wrong      
I’m staying put to sing this song
dear Oklahoma

Now we’re leavin’ Tulsa Town
To exchange our wedding vows  
Then home to again to work the fields we have plowed
One thing we don't understand
Despite how much we love this land
Why it's so hard to love us back

dear Oklahoma

It was a uniting of three of my identities in a very interesting way: Minister, Americana Singer/Songwriter/Rock Star (TYVM), and in a lesbian relationship. It was an integration long waiting to happen and I am so proud I can barely stand it.


  1. Very pretty song with strong lyrics that are beautiful! Love it! =)

  2. And proud you should be, Tamara-this song is a masterpiece, and your voice carries it perfectly. Thank you....

  3. I was there. We were there. We were one of those couples. I heard your song. I admired your tenacity. I still do. I stumbled across your blog accidentally. I look forward to reading backwards and seeing more. Hang in there, it's about to become a bumpy ride. Yet, somehow I think we will come out on the other side stronger than ever!